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Toyota Prius v . . . The Family Hybrid

Toyota Prius v at Anderson Toyota Rockford IL

Prius v is the Family Hybrid in an Expanding

Model Family

  • 42 MPG combined EPA fuel economy rating
  • More cargo space than most small SUVs
  • Premium-level safety systems and integrated multimedia
  • Innovative resin Panoramic View Moonroof

Largest in the line of Toyota Prius models, the Prius v at Anderson Toyota provides room for families with active lifestyles while offering 42 mpg combined fuel economy. The “v” stands for versatility in this highly efficient vehicle that offers more cargo room than most small SUVs.

For 2014, the Prius v gains daytime running lights (DRLs) and also offers the Panoramic View Moonroof as a standalone option on Prius v Three.

Utilizing the same proven Hybrid Synergy Drive system as Prius, Prius v offers estimated EPA fuel economy ratings of 44 mpg city, 40 mpg highway and 42 mpg combined.

Big Enough For Families and Cargo
In the Prius v, generous interior space and good visibility are complemented by a high seating position, ample head room and a roomy 35.9 inches of rear seat leg room. A low, wide-opening rear hatch accesses 34.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the 60/40 split folding rear seats, which expands to a generous 67.3 cubic feet with the seatbacks lowered. The fold-flat front-passenger seat allows the vehicle to carry long items. Sliding second row seats allow for easier ingress and egress and rear-storage flexibility, with a 45-degree recline for greater comfort.

The center-mounted instrument panel is a visually succinct, space-efficient design that is also easy to use. As with other Prius models, the driving controls including push button start, parking switch, drive-by-wire shift toggle, and driving mode buttons are immediately at hand. Instrument-panel controls, including a single dial automatic climate control, provide an advanced look and user-friendly function.

The cabin features a number of storage spaces, including dual glove boxes, a center console storage box and utility tray and five cup holders in large and medium sizes. Bottle holders are built into the front and rear door pockets, and most models feature an overhead storage space suitable for sunglasses. In addition to the larger main luggage compartment, there are storage units built into the sides and under the cargo platform for storing equipment such as car wash items or gloves. A special space for umbrellas is located under the rear seats.

An available seat material called SofTex is designed for easy cleaning, resisting spills and wear resistance in a family vehicle that could see heavy use on a daily basis. Soft to the touch, SofTex is lighter than leather and other traditional leatherette-type materials, and its production generates 99 percent fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than conventional synthetic leather production.

Advanced Connectivity 
Seamlessly integrated into the Prius v are state-of-the-art electronics and enhanced connectivity features. A Bluetooth wireless connection for compatible hands-free phones is standard, enhanced by an automatic phone book transfer function. A standard USB port allows playing of music and video from portable audio devices using the vehicle sound system and in-dash display screen, including full iPod integration.

The standard audio system has a 6.1-inch screen and six speakers. The screen displays the car’s energy monitor and fuel consumption data, and functions as the monitor for the integrated back-up camera and the Display Audio System. The screen also serves as a portal for the available navigation and Entune® App Suite.  An available HD Radio system enables CD sound quality from digital FM broadcasts and enhances analog and AM broadcast sound quality. The system includes HD Radio with iTunes tagging for future purchase and SiriusXM Satellite Radio™.

The available top-of-the-line audio is equipped with a seven-inch display and a Premium HDD Navigation system with Entune App Suite, and JBL Premium Audio. This system offers a split-screen feature that allows for simultaneously displaying navigation and audio information, and full iPod video integration.
The premium JBL GreenEdge™ audio system combines an eight-channel amplifier and door-mounted “acoustic lens” speakers to provide a high-quality sound.  The GreenEdge amplifier is lighter and more efficient than other amplifiers of similar output, drawing less energy than conventional systems and speakers.

Entune App Suite
The Entune App Suite takes advantage of the user’s smartphone to provide a richer in-vehicle experience with fully integrated access to navigation, entertainment and information services. Engaging mobile apps include Bing™, iHeartRadio,, OpenTable®, and Pandora®; info services include such as weather, traffic, fuel information (location and price), stocks and sports. Toyota Entune brings an extensive selection of music options to the vehicle, including iHeartRadio’s 750+ stations, and Pandora’s personalized music service. The audio systems featuring Entune® offer a voice recognition system.

Sleek, Aerodynamic and Efficient
Balancing spaciousness, distinctive design and smooth aerodynamics, Prius v has a low 0.29 coefficient of drag. Keeping air resistance low is the familiar triangular Prius silhouette. A flush surface from the front of the vehicle through the front pillar works with side “aerocorners” for exceptionally clean airflow. The smooth front sheetmetal blends into a carefully designed roof and cabin, leading to an optimized cabin-end shape that acts to converge side and roof airflow. Wheels and wheel caps are designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind. These measures and others also help to suppress wind noise.

Enhancing the clean, low wind-resistance design are materials that keep the Prius v relatively light and easy to move. The door panels are foam-injected with polypropylene and the deck board with lightweight urethane to reduce weight by approximately 20 percent compared to conventional construction. Significant weight reduction was also achieved through the use of high-tensile grades of steel throughout the body along with aluminum in key body panels and systems.

A Toyota-first, the resin Panoramic View Moonroof with power retractable sunshades provides an open feeling in the cabin and is 40-percent lighter than a conventional glass roof of similar size. The construction also provides excellent heat insulation performance, reducing the load on the vehicle’s climate control system. The moonroof has an electrically operated shade system with a jam protection function.

The climate control system uses an electric compressor, so the air conditioning can run even when the gasoline engine shuts off, as it does under certain conditions in normal driving. Available LED headlights enhance visibility while reducing electric draw and are designed to be virtually maintenance free for the expected life of the vehicle.

Proven Hybrid Synergy Drive System 
The Hybrid Synergy Drive system in the Prius v is essentially the same as in the current Prius model. The system combines the output of a 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder engine with an a 60kw (80 hp) electric motor that mainly works to power the compact, lightweight transaxle and another smaller motor that mainly works as the electric power source. Maximum motor drive voltage is 650 volts DC. The proven and practical nickel-metal hydride battery pack is the same as on the Prius, but with a cooling duct located under the rear seat.

Hybrid Synergy Drive’s combined 134 net system horsepower feels even stronger to the driver due to the unique way the system combines the power of the gasoline engine and electric motor. It is a series-parallel hybrid system that can provide power either from the engine alone, or the motor alone, or a mix of both.  Regenerative braking helps to recapture electrical energy under deceleration, which helps to reduce fuel consumption. An automatic start/stop system also helps to reduce fuel consumption in urban driving. The compact and lightweight gasoline engine operates very quietly and qualifies for SULEV and Tier2 Bin3 emissions standards.

Four Driving Modes
In addition to the standard driving mode, the Prius v includes an ECO driving mode, an EV driving mode, and a POWER mode. In POWER mode, enhanced mid-range response enables easier coping with slopes and mountainous terrain. In EV mode, the Prius v can run on battery power alone under certain conditions, at lower speeds, for up to about a mile. In ECO driving mode, the engine management system prioritizes fuel economy, managing throttle response and limiting power consumption from the air conditioning.

Pitch and Bounce Control; Better Ride, Better Handling
A feature introduced in the Prius v, Pitch and Bounce Control works with suspension enhancements to improve ride comfort and control in this larger Prius model. Pitch and Bounce Control uses the torque of the hybrid motor to enhance ride comfort and control. The system, working with wheel-speed sensors and in tune with the suspension, helps suppress bounce and toss motions to improve comfort for occupants. Because it helps control the balance and posture of the vehicle as a whole, it also functions to enhance handling response.  The Prius v comes standard with 16-inch alloy wheels, with 17-inch alloy wheels available as an option.

Cutting Edge Safety and Security
The Prius v platform is designed with a force-absorbing body structure. Increased use of high-strength steel, notably in the front frame members, is a key part of providing a strong body structure without increasing weight. Helping to protect the cabin from side and rear intrusions are similarly engineered reinforcements using high tensile steels, all designed to disperse energy strategically throughout the vehicle to help protect passengers.

Like all Toyota models, the Prius v features Toyota’s Star Safety System™, which includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist. It also features the standard Smart Stop Technology brake-override system.

There are seven airbags, including a knee airbag for the driver. The front seat design helps lessen the possibility of whiplash injury during certain types of severe rear end collisions. A Vehicle Proximity Notification System helps alert pedestrians and cyclists of an oncoming vehicle operating in battery mode only, under certain conditions, by emitting a small warning sound. For 2014, a back-up camera monitor is now standard equipped on every Prius v.

An available Pre-Collision System (PCS) retracts seatbelts and applies the brakes in certain conditions when a frontal crash is unavoidable. It is paired with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Another available safety system, Safety Connect, can access a call center with a live operator who can dispatch police and emergency vehicles. The system offers automatic collision notification and a stolen vehicle locator feature, designed to track the location of the stolen vehicle via GPS and help guide police to recover it.

Peace of Mind Warranty Protection
Toyota’s 36-month/36,000 mile basic new-vehicle warranty applies to all components other than normal wear and maintenance items. Additional 60-month warranties cover the powertrain for 60,000 miles and against corrosion with no mileage limitation. The hybrid-related components, including the HV battery, battery control module, hybrid control module and inverter with converter, are covered for eight years/100,000 miles. In applicable states hybrid-related component coverage is 15 years/150,000 miles with the exception of the hybrid battery, which is covered for 10 years/150,000 miles.

The Prius v also comes standard with Toyota Care, a complimentary plan covering normal factory-scheduled maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance for two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.


Anderson Toyota Helps You Maintain Your Car’s Value

A car is a big investment and when the day comes to trade it in you’ll want to get the most money you can for it.  In addition to watching your mileage, following a few simple steps can help you keep your car looking good inside and out for years to come.  Anderson Toyota offers this advice to help you maintain your car’s value.


Following the recommended maintenance schedule for your car can extend your vehicle’s life considerably.  Maintenance includes oil changes and replacing filters and belts.  It also entails tire maintenance, alignments, and cooling system checks.  Be sure to keep good records of your car’s maintenance because it will help you boost the resale value.


Washing your car regularly helps it look nice but it also helps prolong the life of your paint.  When you drive, your car picks up dirt, sand, road salt and other elements.  When these things build up they can dull and chip the paint on your car.  Regular car washes help prevent this from happening.  Also, park in the shade whenever possible because direct sunlight can damage your paint as well.


Maintaining the interior of your car is equally as important.  Clean your car mats and vacuum regularly to keep dirt from building up.  Avoid eating and drinking in your car to prevent spills and stains.  Also, avoid smoking in your car to avoid burns and the smell of cigarettes or cigars, which can negatively affect your trade-in value.

Get the most money for your trade

Who Qualifies for the Toyota College Grad Program?

Anderson Toyota College Crad



Just graduated and it’s time to get a new car?  You have to get back and forth to your new job and certainly don’t want to do it in the beater that got you through school.  Take a look at what it takes to qualify for the Toyota College Grad rebate – it’s not as tough as you would think.

To qualify for the rebate, you’ll need to meet the following graduation, employment, insurance and credit criteria requirements.

  •  Earn your degree

To take advantage of the program, you must meet one of the following:

  • Have graduated from an accredited four year college, university, or registered nursing degree program during the last two years or graduate from such a school / program within the next six months.
  •  Have graduated from an accredited graduate degree program or have received a degree from an accredited graduate program during the last two years.
  •  Have graduated during the last two years from the two year Toyota Technical Education Network (T-TEN) Program or any other two year post secondary automotive program accredited by the NATEF.
  • Have completed an electrician apprenticeship / certification program during the last two years through the NJATC and the IBEW.
  • Get to work. Show proof of present employment or future employment with a start date within 120 days of your purchase contract date. Note that TFS must deem your income sufficient to cover living expenses and vehicle payments.
  • Get insured. Have proof of collision insurance. Ask your dealer for details.

If you meet all the above criteria but have experienced credit lapses, don’t give up. You may still qualify if you’ve paid off your obligations within 60 days or less of the due date and do not have charge-offs totaling more than $1,000 in the past 24 months.

What vehicles qualify for the College Grad rebate?   You can purchase or lease any new Toyota Camry (excluding Hybrid models), Corolla, Matrix, Rav4, Tacoma, or Yaris.


You can apply for credit on the Anderson Toyota website.  If you have more questions, call us at 815-397-8995, we’re here for YOU!



It’s Minivan Season!

So, here we are in northern Illinois.  It’s cold, and snowy, and the sun sets way too early in the day.  Thoughts wander to warm tropical beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze, maybe a fun vacation at Disneyland.  You’re in luck!  Spring break is right around the corner!  But wait – is your older minivan going to make it to Florida this year?  Do you have a sedan and the kids and the luggage just aren’t going to all fit?  Take a look at the new 2013 Sienna van.  Room for just about anything you can imagine, the seats even fold down for more square footage and storage room.  Come in and visit us, take a Sienna for a test-drive and see if it will work for your family.  Short on time?  Visit our website and take a look at the selection.  You can choose an LE, XLE, SE, or Limited, we even offer an All Wheel Drive version.  Toyota is offering a $750 rebate or 0% financing for 60 months right now, so there’s really no better time to take the minivan plunge!

2013 Sienna at Anderson Toyota